Vitality as part of The Next Label's HR policy

Vitality as part of The Next Label's HR policy

Together with TNL, we explored how Alleo has helped them to better promote their culture, stimulate vitality among employees, and increase overall employee satisfaction.

“The mental and physical well-being of our employees is really important to us. We believe that when you feel good, you're more motivated to work. That's why any new benefits we introduce need to support this idea.”

Britt from The Next Label told us. Britt is the HR Advisor at The Next Label, responsible for people management, HR projects, and employee well-being. If you want to discuss how to improve your benefits offering and increasing employee engagement, Britt is the person to talk to.

If you haven't heard of The Next Label, you should definitely look them up. This recruitment agency stands out for its unique culture and team of young professionals. They connect IT and finance experts with companies through their labels Cooder, Buro5, Vesper People, and Finture Careers. What makes them truly different? Their motto, "If everyone can be themselves, we are a stronger team " says it all. You can even see this on their sports shirts. Yes, sports play a big role in the TNL culture.

In 2023, The Next Label started offering flexible benefits through Alleo. Britt told us, “We are very focused on keeping our employees physically and mentally fit. This includes the opportunity to exercise during breaks, offering knowledge & development sessions, and Open-up. These themes are highlighted in the Alleo app, making everything support each other effectively.”

Together with Britt, we explored how Alleo has helped them promote their culture, stimulate vitality among employees, and increase overall employee satisfaction.

Why the Next Label started using Alleo

More than just salary 

Previously, The Next Label already offered a good salary and various personal development opportunities. This was appreciated but something was missing. Employees wanted more variety in their benefits package, particularly in health and well-being benefits.

Market change

The market was changing, and other recruitment firms were offering more flexible benefits. The Next Label didn't want to fall behind, so they decided to search for a modern platform that matched their brand values and met their employees' needs.

Choice and diversity 

When choosing new benefits, employee preferences were a crucial factor. Employees had diverse needs and expectations, and Alleo provided the flexibility to meet these diverse wishes. An internal survey among TNL employees asked what they found most interesting: OneFit, Classpass, a budget for a gym of choice, facilitated sports lessons, or something entirely different. One app for all this proved to be the perfect solution.

Vitality and social impact

The Next Label chose to focus on vitality and social impact in their benefits offering. This is reflected in their selection from the Alleo marketplace, with an emphasis on health, well-being, mobility, learning, and social impact. With the monthly 'benefit budget,' each TNL employee can choose various modules in the app such as health, well-being, healthy eating, development, and social impact. Many TNL employees use the budget for the gym, or save it for a relaxation massage or to buy sportswear.

Favorite benefits of TNL employees

Vitality is highly valued at TNL. Their website gives a good insight into their sporty culture, with events like "Active May," paddle tournaments, and other team activities. Exercising during breaks is also greatly appreciated. The focus on vitality is clearly reflected in the selection of benefits in the Alleo app. The most chosen benefits are:

  • Treatwell
  • Decathlon
  • Basic Fit
  • Anytime Fitness
  • David Lloyd
Contribution of Alleo to vitality initiatives

At The Next Label, it's all about the growth and development of people and businesses. They support their candidates in their development, help companies grow with the right new employees, and highly value the personal development of their own employees. Satisfied and vital employees are essential to achieving their goals.


The Alleo dashboard shows that The Next Label is 49% above the Alleo average in terms of engaged employees. The percentage of the budget spent is 14% above average. It’s safe to say that the healthy initiatives and benefits contribute to a positive work atmosphere, reduced stress, and keep TNL employees healthy and resilient.

With Alleo, TNL has found the partner to support their employees' physical and mental health, contributing to their satisfaction and overall business objectives.