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Your Growth and Well-being with Alleo

Happiness at work is closely linked to your overall sense of well-being in life. That's why our goal is to assist you in reaching your objectives and improving your well-being at work.

Personal choice

Choose what works for you

Whether it's a wellness bonus, gadget discounts, or exclusive travel deals, all are just a tap away on the app. Explore over 250 perks, 10,000 sports locations, and 100,000 courses & training options—all in one place. With this flexibility, you can choose the benefits that suit you best.

Reward yourself

Feel valued and happy

Do you want to feel more engaged at work? Alleo can assist with that. Imagine receiving more than just your salary—extras that enhance your daily life. For instance, discounts on your gym membership or additional vacation days. These benefits ensure you feel valued and look forward to going to work with pleasure.

Collective benefits

Save on your expenses with Alleo

Life is expensive, but fortunately, Alleo offers a helping hand. As an employee, you can benefit from various collective advantages and discounts within the app, including discounts on groceries and other daily essentials. And the beauty of it is, thanks to tax-friendly rewards, you as an employee can save a significant amount of money.

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“Thanks to Alleo, we can now offer flexible benefits that meet the needs of our employees, keeping us not only attractive as an employer but also ahead in our industry.”

Employer at

"Alleo allows us to offer attractive benefits to all our employees with various backgrounds and types of contracts."

Marco Lemmers
CEO en oprichter

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"After implementing Alleo, the eNPS has increased from 34 to 45. The appreciation of our benefits offering has risen from 6.4 to 6.8."

Marjan Smit
Head of People

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