Flexible salary

Paying holiday money only in May and having set holiday days doesn't suit a varied workforce anymore. With flexible pay, employees choose their own extra benefits that fit their life stage.

Cost-neutral for the employer, outside the work-related costs scheme (WKR).
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Optimize your investments

Increase the appreciation of the compensation package

Choose which salary components you offer flexibly
The most common components are holiday pay, extra statutory holidays, a bonus, or a 13th month salary.

Flexibilize salary

Adapt to life stages

Life can bring unexpected costs. Make salary and leave available when employees need it most.

Seamless integration with your payroll system

Automation through payroll software

Our solution easily syncs with existing HR and payroll software, streamlining processes, saving time, and reducing hassle. This lets you focus on what’s really important.

Our impact


Employer savings on social costs


Tax advantage for the employee


Adoption of the compensation package

Additional features highlighted

Ontdek hoe je kostenneutraal extra's kunt bieden, buiten de werkkostenregeling om

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Let us explain the WKR to you

Learn how to navigate work-related expenses and avoid potential pitfalls.
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Amsterdamse HR-startup YourCampus maakt flexibel benefits aanbieden makkelijk.

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Dutch Benefits Benchmark Report 2024

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