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How can a digital agency optimise its benefits offering and provide more tailored benefits that resonate with its employees? How do you stay attractive in a highly competitive market? These questions are crucial for the growth and differentiation of digital agencies in the current landscape.

Become a more attractive employer

Increase employee satisfaction

With Alleo, you enhance not only the sustainable employability of your team but also give leaders the tools to boost employee satisfaction. This is achieved with our personal approach to compensation and benefits. Let employees choose what truly makes them happy.

Be in control

Fiscal & collective benefits

Alleo lets you provide extra employee benefits with tax advantages. Employees have a wide selection to choose from, allowing you to offer appealing extras.

Moreover, you benefit from a 20% tax saving on social charges as an employer, while employees enjoy at least a 40% saving thanks to tax and collective benefits. These savings are available both within and outside the Work Cost Scheme (WKR).

Invest in satisfaction

Seamlessly integrate with existing systems

With Alleo, you choose how much money to spend per area or employee, making your staffing plans easy to manage. We handle everything else, from integrating smoothly with your Payroll/HRIS system to communicating directly with employees through our mobile platform. We also include all the key benefits in our app, so your employees don't miss out on what's important to them.

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“Thanks to Alleo, we can now offer flexible benefits that meet the needs of our employees, keeping us not only attractive as an employer but also ahead in our industry.”

Employer at

"Alleo allows us to offer attractive benefits to all our employees with various backgrounds and types of contracts."

Marco Lemmers
CEO en oprichter

Employer at

"After implementing Alleo, the eNPS has increased from 34 to 45. The appreciation of our benefits offering has risen from 6.4 to 6.8."

Marjan Smit
Head of People

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