Our modules can be purchased separately or in addition to your current package. These options are mainly offered outside the work-related costs scheme, tax exempt.
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Become an inclusive employer

Employee well-being programme

Support for personal development, financial and mental health, grief counselling, and caregiving.

Show appreciation with personal touches

Rewards and recognition

Develop a culture where people are appreciated and rewarded on significant occasions. Usual events include anniversaries, birthdays, Christmas, promotions, referrals, or having a child.

Offer training and courses

Provide a personal development budget via the app

Managing a personal development budget can be hard. Make your budget and offerings visible and easily accessible on our platform while we handle the administration.

Travel expenses and registration


With hybrid working being the new norm, the need for mobility has changed. We are moving away from traditional company car schemes by finding alternatives for commuting.

Additionally, sustainability agendas are prompting employers to reconsider their mobility strategies.

Through Alleo, employees can create and customise their own mobility package, choosing the transport options that work best for them.

Attractive employment condition outside the work-related costs scheme (WKR)

Company bike

As an employer, you can offer a bike plan as part of your fringe benefits. This helps promote employee health and well-being, reduce CO2 emissions, and decrease parking pressure at work.

Let employees save extra for retirement

Flexible pension

Pension is one of the most significant and expensive benefits for employers. Launching a pension plan is challenging because it is costly and might not always meet your staff's needs.

With Alleo's flexible pension module, employers can allocate a budget based on job function or salary level.

Employees can then decide whether to start saving for their retirement (third pillar via Brand New Day) or add it to their salary.

Our impact


Employer savings on social costs


Tax advantage for the employee


Adoption of the compensation package

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