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The construction, installation, and manufacturing sectors are struggling with a shortage of skilled workers. As an employer in these fields, how can you make your company more appealing to attract and keep talent? This important question can shape the growth and success of your business, and Alleo can help you answer it.


Satisfaction and retention

In a competitive market, it's essential to offer more than just a good salary. With Alleo, you can tailor a personal and flexible package of benefits that closely align with the individual wishes of your employees, making them feel more valued.

Invest in a healthy team

Employee vitality

The physical requirements in this sector show how important investment in vitality is. Alleo helps by creating personalised health packages that fit the needs of your team. These packages offer more than just gym access and healthy food; include many choices you can easily control and change using our platform.

All earnings, optimised

Improve purchasing power with tax benefits

Boost your employees' purchasing power with Alleo, which integrates tax and collective benefits directly into your benefits package. This not only makes working for your company more financially rewarding but also lets your team feel that their hard work is truly valued.

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“Thanks to Alleo, we can now offer flexible benefits that meet the needs of our employees, keeping us not only attractive as an employer but also ahead in our industry.”

Joska Ruske
HR manager

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"Alleo allows us to offer attractive benefits to all our employees with various backgrounds and types of contracts."

Marco Lemmers
CEO en oprichter

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"After implementing Alleo, the eNPS has increased from 34 to 45. The appreciation of our benefits offering has risen from 6.4 to 6.8."

Marjan Smit
Head of People

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