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Our vision

At Alleo, we understand that every employee is unique, just like the diverse and rich labor market today, which spans from Generation Z to Baby Boomers. Each generation has its own needs and expectations, and we make sure our total compensation meets these varied needs by being as personal, diverse, and inclusive as our teams. We aim to create a work environment where the compensation and benefits packages are not only tailored to individual preferences but also enhance employees' total income.

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“Thanks to Alleo, we can now offer flexible benefits that meet the needs of our employees, keeping us not only attractive as an employer but also ahead in our industry.”

Joska Ruske
HR manager

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"Alleo allows us to offer attractive benefits to all our employees with various backgrounds and types of contracts."

Marco Lemmers
CEO en oprichter

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"After implementing Alleo, the eNPS has increased from 34 to 45. The appreciation of our benefits offering has risen from 6.4 to 6.8."

Marjan Smit
Head of People

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