Crisp's diverse workforce requires flexible benefits

Crisp's diverse workforce requires flexible benefits

The workforce is diverse, not only in terms of function but also in terms of employment status, comprising both full-time and part-time employees, many of whom work on flexible contracts. This diversity makes it challenging to create a uniform benefits package.

Online supermarket Crisp was on a rapid growth trajectory and recognised the need to introduce an appealing employee benefits package. Their workforce was a diverse mix, ranging from developers and creatives to warehouse staff and delivery personnel.

The challenge: meeting diverse needs

Crisp faced a common yet complex problem: how to provide benefits that would be appreciated and useful for all employees, regardless of their role or employment status. The workforce diversity extended beyond job functions to include both full-time and part-time employees, many on flexible contracts. This diversity made it challenging to design a one-size-fits-all benefits package.

The solution: a tailored approach

To tackle this challenge, Crisp implemented the Alleo app. Promoted on-site with posters in the warehouse and an introductory campaign, the app was quickly embraced by employees. The Alleo app allowed Crisp to offer a range of benefits tailored to different segments of their workforce.

Office employees: benefits for the modern professional

  • Demographic: Mainly young professionals (25-35 years old) living in Amsterdam.
  • Top benefits: Giro 555 donations, Treatwell, Coolblue, Zalando.
  • Characteristics: Mission-driven, inquisitive, and generally higher salaried with a larger benefits budget

Warehouse employees: practical perks for everyday needs

  • Demographic: Mostly order pickers and deliverers on flexible contracts, with higher turnover rates.
  • Benefits approach: A fixed budget of €17.50 plus 1% of their salary above €1750, paid quarterly.
  • Top benefits: Zalando, Coolblue, Pathé, Bijenkorf, Crisp.
  • Characteristics: Prefer quick-purchase benefits due to smaller, more frequently accessible budgets.

Success story: how Alleo transformed Crisp’s benefits

The Alleo app proved to be an effective solution, catering to the diverse needs of Crisp's employees. Office employees often chose benefits aligning with their values and mission, like donations to Giro 555, while warehouse employees favoured quick-purchase benefits like monthly vouchers.

Crisp discovered that the app was a great match for their company culture, promoting freedom, autonomy, and a variety of benefits from altruistic options to self-care. Looking ahead, Crisp plans to create separate benefits offerings for office and warehouse employees to ensure that the benefits are relevant and attainable for all, further enhancing employee satisfaction and engagement.

By leveraging the Alleo app, Crisp not only addressed the diverse needs of their workforce but also reinforced their commitment to fostering a supportive and inclusive work environment.