A fresh approach to sick leave at van Dijnsen

A fresh approach to sick leave at van Dijnsen

Despite a good benefits package that includes profit sharing and a solid pension plan, she saw room for improvement with the 'not being sick bonus'.

Van Dijnsen is an installation company that excels in advising, designing, and maintaining building-related systems. Although family-owned, they tackle large projects typically handled by bigger corporations. Their workforce includes both desk and non-desk employees who contribute to all stages of their projects.

The sick leave policy: time for a new approach

Bianca van den Tol, the HR manager at Van Dijnsen, noticed a significant issue with the company's sick leave policy. While employees enjoyed benefits like profit sharing, a good pension plan, and recognition during work anniversaries, the existing 'not sick' bonus system was problematic. This system rewarded employees with a bonus if they did not take any sick leave during the year. However, it was outdated and ineffective, as it penalised those who genuinely needed sick leave and benefited only a small percentage of employees.

"With our benefits package, we focus on vitality. Through the Alleo app, we encourage both physical activity and mental relaxation, tailored to the personal needs of our people," Bianca explains. "The app makes it easy for employees to choose what best supports them, from sportswear to fresh meals."

Looking for a vital solution

Van Dijnsen decided to find a better approach to improve employee health and reduce sick leave. They shifted from managing sick leave to promoting overall health. This proactive strategy aimed to prevent absenteeism by focusing on employee wellness. They found Alleo, a platform offering a range of benefits from different partners, which matched their values of being social and engaged. Alleo catered to Van Dijnsen's diverse workforce, including employees aged 17 to 65, both men and women, desk and non-desk employees, and trainees.

Bianca van den Tol highlighted the importance of employer involvement in employee health. The Alleo app promotes exercise and relaxation, offering benefits such as sports clothing, gym memberships, and healthy meal options. Employees can also submit their own reimbursements, further supporting their wellness.

Getting ready for a more healthy future

A few months after introducing Alleo, about half of Van Dijnsen's employees were using the app. Bianca hopes to see all employees fully utilising their benefits budget, with a one-year carryover limit encouraging regular focus on health. This initiative aims to create a culture of conscious health management among employees, potentially reducing sick leave and benefiting both the company and its workforce.

"If everyone uses their vitality budget wisely and we can reduce sick leave, it will benefit everyone."