A new approach to Employee Benefits at Protolabs

A new approach to Employee Benefits at Protolabs

How Protolabs used Alleo to simplify benefits management and enhance employee well-being

Welcome to Protolabs' World

Protolabs (formerly Hubs) is an online platform for on-demand manufacturing of custom parts and prototypes for… basically whatever you can imagine, really! You step inside the Protolabs office at Houthavens – a mix of glass-doored meeting rooms and open office space – and there’s a considerable section that is full of packages containing outsourced prototypes and other parts. There, orders are received, checked, and re-packaged for the customer.

Cracking the benefits code

Ellen Groot, People Operations Lead at Protolabs, identified a significant challenge in managing their employee benefits. Despite offering perks such as pensions, flexible work arrangements, and unique cultural events like office drag races and team-building activities such as padel and D&D nights, the benefits system lacked coherence. Employees had different needs and preferences, making it tricky to handle the various benefit options and reimbursement requests. This scattered system not only made more work for the admin team but also caused confusion and inefficiency in using and communicating about the benefits.

Simplifying with Alleo

In a bid to streamline their benefits administration and enhance employee satisfaction, Protolabs opted for a unified platform. They introduced Alleo, we help them consolidate a wide array of benefits from various providers into a single accessible hub. This strategic shift aimed to simplify benefit management, provide clarity on available options, and empower employees to make personal choices that align with their individual needs and interests. Ellen emphasised the importance of centralising benefits to improve accessibility, reduce administrative overhead, and promote a cohesive company culture centred around employee wellbeing and development.

Seeing positive changes

Since implementing Alleo, Protolabs has seen a notable increase in employee engagement with their benefits programme. Around half of their workforce actively uses the app, exploring diverse offerings ranging from wellness perks like gym memberships and healthy meal options to personal development opportunities such as language courses and seminars. The app's intuitive interface has streamlined administrative processes, lessening the workload on the People Operations and Finance teams. By providing a unified platform for benefits, Protolabs has not only enhanced employee satisfaction but also fostered a more cohesive and supportive workplace environment.

Onward and upward

Looking ahead, Protolabs remains committed to leveraging Alleo to further enhance their benefits offerings. By continuously adapting and expanding the range of benefits available through the app, they aim to cater to the evolving needs of their diverse workforce. This proactive approach not only strengthens employee retention and satisfaction but also reinforces Protolabs' reputation as an employer of choice in the competitive manufacturing sector.

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