From our founder: a new brand, a new phase

Exciting news: YourCampus is rebranded and will now be known as Alleo

In July 2024, Alleo (formerly YourCampus) will celebrate its third anniversary. This marks a perfect moment to reflect on our journey, the transformation we have undergone as a company, and the future that lies ahead.

Reflection and inspiration

The YourCampus journey began in 2018 when I was working at Usabilla, a modern software company in Amsterdam. The inspiration came from my then-girlfriend, who worked at Tommy Hilfiger. They had "the campus" - not just a workplace, but a community buzzing with facilities for a healthy and balanced work-life, including time for sports before, after, and during work, nutrition, and inspiring spaces for personal development, even including the first VanMoof electric bike in the fleet. Plans were also in place to expand further with childcare, physiotherapy, dentists, and health coaching. Even in 2024, we would still consider this a modern workplace from which many companies can draw inspiration. At that time, it clicked for me: the facilities themselves were not new; they had been fully embraced in the consumer market. But how do these benefits providers find their way into the business market, especially for SMEs? The answer: they didn’t. At the same time, competition in the labor market was increasing, and I couldn't wait to start my 'first entrepreneurial adventure.' It was the perfect storm.

Vision and evolution

The initial idea was to create a digital campus where SMEs could offer the same facilities as a corporate, but tailored more closely to personal needs. Over the years, YourCampus has secured a leading position in the flexible employment benefits market. We offer a comprehensive and diverse national range for employees, which doesn't stop at the border. Also in Germany and other European countries, our offerings have significantly expanded.

Future-focused: more than benefits

Employers are more willing than ever to invest in diversity and inclusivity. This requires adjustments in all facets of a company, including compensation policy. We often get asked if we can make the salary package more flexible and personally relevant for the employee, something that has many benefits for both employers and employees: fiscally and in terms of efficiency.

Is YourCampus still relevant?

Yes, but the name no longer fully covers the load. Many customers were initially confused about our proposition because 'campus' evokes associations with education and students, while it is actually a solution for the business world. We decided to rebrand to better articulate our mission: helping employees obtain a compensation & benefits package that better aligns with their needs, while also creating more value through fiscal and collective schemes.

Look & feel of Alleo

For the rebranding journey, we chose to work with Verve Agency, a highly talented agency with offices in Amsterdam and The Hague.

We wanted to create a name that doesn't directly tell what we do, but has a symbolic and positive meaning. Additionally, it needed to be appealing, both for employers and employees, nationally and internationally. The new colours, green and white, convey a calm and mature look, while the bright secondary colours express modernity and innovation. The visual concept emphasises 'personal balance & flexible choice,' the idea that everyone is unique which can be translated into a personal signature. With Alleo, we found a name that appeals with almost everyone immediately, and with a meaning: All earnings optimised.

A new phase

We aim to offer a comprehensive product that provides employers with a modern and flexible compensation & benefits package. This is a gesture towards both small and large companies and shows our commitment to inclusivity for all employees on our platform.

We are incredibly excited about the result and look forward to a bright future for Alleo, our partners, customers, employees, and shareholders!



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