YourCampus introduces an international benefits package

HR platform YourCampus introduces a new, international benefits package, for companies with employees in different European countries. International businesses can compensate their employees equally and consistently when it comes to employee benefits. Companies can use secondary compensation as an alternative for salary increases, plus give their employees in different countries more flexibility and autonomy.

With the new international package, YourCampus responds to the new trend of fully remote employees that work from different locations throughout Europe. Moreover, employees will be able to profit from the same types of benefits as the rest of the team. The benefits can be chosen based on personal preferences – so they can change alongside location or circumstances.

The standard and flexible part

The new international package with employee benefits consists of a standard and flexible part. The standard part, the ‘Essentials package’, is the same for each employee. It consists of mental coaching, training & education, and fitness services. For that part of the deal, YourCampus entered into partnerships with companies such as GoodHabitz, Headspace, Inuka, and ClassPass.

In addition, YourCampus now introduces an international benefits marketplace. This marketplace contains 50 partners, including Swapfiets, HelloFresh, Uber, Airbnb, and Spotify, who provide their services throughout Europe. Instead of a ‘one-size-fits-all’ package, employees can choose the benefits they want with a provided budget.

Creating consistency in rewarding

Ruben van den Boogaard, Head of Product & Marketplace at YourCampus says: “Many companies that have employees in different European countries were struggling with creating a uniform package of employee benefits, let alone via a single supplier. We’re one of the first players in the game that actually came up with a solution for this problem. Employers can create consistency in rewarding and at the same time offer flexibility that fits the different interests and locations of employees. It’s a way to make compensation a personal thing. In addition, we’re evolving along with the movement of working remotely, now that it’s easier for employees to work from various locations. We’re convinced that many international companies will choose our offering in the near future.”

Wiebke Schmidt, Head of people at Vectonator by Linearity about the use of the international benefits package: “The YourCampus app has a large and diverse range of options, including various vouchers and options for mental coaching, fitness, and much more. Whatever someone’s work location, every employee can choose the right benefits. The app is intuitive and easy to use. It’s a beautiful and modern design. The onboarding and working with YourCampus also went very smoothly.”