Following its successful second funding round, YourCampus set to serve Germany with simplified flexible employee benefits

After strengthening its position in the domestic market, the Amsterdam-based startup YourCampus is now expanding its business into Germany. With the funding round led by Newion and backed by successful entrepreneurs, YourCampus raised €2.7mm to roll out the next version of its innovative benefits & compensation platform.

Florian Gendrault, Founder & CEO: “With the German job market under huge pressure, employers are looking for new ways to attract and retain talent, specifically Gen Z. But there is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to fringe benefits and perks. YourCampus offers flexibility and customization in this particular area, but with collective discounts, which makes us an attractive solution for employers across Europe, including Germany. We simply remove the complexity around employee benefits.”

In an explanation of the expansion plans, the CEO of YourCampus says, "With our new employee benefits package tailored to the German market, YourCampus is responding to the need for Dutch companies with employees in both countries (and beyond) to benefit from the same benefits as the rest of the team. The benefits can be chosen based on personal preferences. All employee benefits are in one super-app, where employees have access to a digital 'wallet' in a mobile app."

“Employees can use their budget in an online marketplace offering a wide variety of benefits. For its market entry, YourCampus will provide the option to offer non-cash benefits (”Sachbezug”) that employers may grant to their employees. Employers can give up to €50 euros per month to be spent on non-cash benefits. These ”in-kind benefits” include options to buy vouchers & use services for green mobility, retail, mental coaching, fitness, and more. What sets us apart is that we will soon offer flexibility across all categories: from pension, to wellbeing, lifestyle, mobility & learning, with full tax compliance across Germany, and integration with Personio,” says Florian Gendrault, Founder & CEO.

Similar to its collaboration with innovative companies in the Netherlands, YourCampus also works with local partners in Germany such as Blinkist,, HelloBabySitter, McFit, Swapfiets and Babbel, and for employees of localised marketplace partners such as DeepL, Flink and Linearity.

Wiebke Schmidt, VP of People at YourCampus’ client Linearity: “We were looking for a flexible and inclusive benefit platform where employees can choose what’s right for them. And then we got in contact with YourCampus and we really liked the design of the app. It’s very easy to use and intuitive. And especially here in Germany the offering at YourCampus is super broad. From webshops like Zalando and it has Classpass, nutrition and wellness offerings. Therefore our employees can really customize their offer."