A flexible benefits package for a rapidly growing digital agency

A flexible benefits package for a rapidly growing digital agency

International digital agency DEPT® wanted to change how they provide benefits and rewards to their employees. As the workforce at DEPT® was growing rapidly, employees’ preferences for benefits and rewards were quickly changing, too. Although they already offered quite an extensive benefits package, DEPT® was eager to diversify its offering. They were looking for a way to offer benefits that would fit the needs and wishes of every employee.

DEPT® needed a benefits package that could be used flexibly in addition to the benefits already offered to all employees, including key categories such as Learning & Development and Mental Well-being. Because the discretionary scope of the WKR doesn’t provide enough room to offer a broad range of benefits, an additional solution that could be used with “salary components” was needed. In this case; holiday pay that is made available just for the benefits.

To accommodate this, YourCampus built a consumer-grade solution for employees to flexibly manage and spend their holiday allowance according to their personal needs.

Flexible holiday allowance pay-out
Life can throw unexpected and expensive challenges at us. DEPT® wanted its employees to be able to face them. Employees can now have their holiday allowance paid out through the YourCampus app whenever they want to: employees can either withdraw a one-off transaction or select a monthly payout on their bank account.

Flexibly use their holiday allowance as a budget for benefits
DEPT® employees can also decide to use their holiday allowance as a budget for the YourCampus marketplace, instead of opting for a pay-out. That way, they receive an extra benefits package, fully flexible, on top of the existing employee benefits at DEPT®.

Ownership & trust

YourCampus was able to impact the following aspects with its solution:

  • Financial ownership and autonomy. “People love the fact that they have more say about their finances – or that the option to manage their finances to their liking at least exists”
  • Financial wellbeing. DEPT® employees can choose to have their holiday allowance paid out when they want and receive collective discounts in the YourCampus app.
  • Showing trust in employees. YourCampus offers Depsters 48 extra benefits they can access whenever they want or need to.
  • Execute the company culture. “We’re nothing without all these talented people. We’re a real people business. [...] That’s integrated into our culture. And YourCampus fits into that philosophy.”
  • Less administrative work for the HR department. No need for administrative hassle for each benefit, giving back valuable time to HR.
  • Insights. Via the portal, DEPT® can see which benefits are used most often and which ones are less popular. Based on these insights, DEPT® can offer options that suit their workforce.

DEPT® was able to break away from the traditional way holiday allowance is used. In its place, they introduced flexibility and autonomy through a new benefits package. They found a way that reflects their company culture and with YourCampus they were able to extend their unique company culture.